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Electrical Safety Certificate

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Electrical Safety Test Certificate

Did you know that all the electrical components, machines, and connections need regular checkups to ensure that they’re in perfect working order? After a thorough checkup of the electrical system, a certified electrician issues an Electrical Safety Certificate. In case you need to check your electrical system, you can contact our 24 hr helpline number and a qualified electrician in Birmingham will arrive to inspect the entire electrical system. They will reveal any potential electric hazard and identify any defective electrical work. For the certification of electrical systems, we collaborate with certified technicians who follow in detail the provisions of BS7621-Requirements for Electrical Installations. The prepared electricians in Birmingham can also provide services for your new installations and alterations to older equipment, components or wiring.

Electrical Safety Certificate Services Birmingham

Electrical Inspection And Testing

Of course, the professionals are completely certified and licensed in order to provide the finest examination of electrical systems. Despite the professionalism, the technician have the latest technology to check and inspect your electrical systems. During an electrical inspection, the fuse board, wiring and electrical accessories are inspected thoroughly. After the inspection, the technician issues valid certificates respecting rigorously the BS 7671 (UK Wiring Regulation). So they are able to conduct all your installations and connections following strictly BS 7671 standards.

As you may know, faulty electrical equipment can be dangerous to you and those around you because they can lead to electrocution or fires. But there is a way to avoid these perilous situations. For instance, having a periodic check and testing can identify electrical issues, before a bigger problem happens.  You can call us anytime, and we will be there to assist you as soon as possible.

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